Work from home and travel ban … Technology companies face the Corona virus


With the Corona virus spread recently in more than 18 countries around the world including the United States, Australia, Canada and France, many technology companies have begun taking some measures to counter this virus, especially as it affects the presence of the technology industry in one of its most vital markets, both for operations Sale or manufacturing, as many technology companies have decided to restrict the travel of employees as well as many other measures that we monitor most notably as follows:

Apple restricts staff travel to China

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that his company began restricting employee travel to China last week amid fears of an outbreak of the Corona virus, confirming that Apple had closed one store on the mainland of China and reduced working hours to other retail sites, as Cook announced the move in A phone call with the investors after the company’s quarterly earnings were issued, saying: “We closed a retail store and a number of channel partners closed their storefronts.“.

According to the site The Verge The American, Apple explained that sales in the area surrounding Wuhan, the birthplace of the outbreak of the Corona virus, are low, but also said that retail traffic across the country has been negatively affected by the situation.

Facebook asks its employees to postpone traveling to China

Facebook also asked its employees to postpone unnecessary travel to the Chinese mainland to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, according to the company’s official spokesperson, while the company asked employees who had already traveled to China to work from home without the need to be inside the company for fear of transmitting the disease to employees At the company, a company spokesman said: “From a lot of caution, we took steps to protect the health and safety of our employees, as the virus killed more than 100 people in China and spread to more than 10 countries, according to the website. TOI Indian.

Google and Twitter stop trading misinformation about Corona

While Facebook, Google and Twitter allied to stop the wrong information about the spread of the Corona virus over the Internet, a lot of wrong data spread madly on Twitter, including allegations that this deadly virus can be treated with oregano oil, while other people described it as a “disease primitive“.

Other bizarre hoaxes spreading on social media include what indicates that the United States government has patented the Corona virus, and fact-checkers have found this to be completely untrue, so tech companies in Silicon Valley are struggling to prevent the spread of these allegations to avoid hysteria Collective.

The Washington Post reported that the cyber scientist had also been infected with incorrect conspiracy theories on this dangerous virus, and Facebook confirmed to the newspaper that seven partner organizations had issued nine checks to ensure the correctness of the information on the Corona virus..

When Facebook caught the attention of such misinformation, it was classified as inaccurate and reduced its exposure to Newsfeed to users..


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