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The pen of Professor Salah Montaser returned, tweeting on the last page of Al-Ahram newspaper. He missed a few weeks, and asked readers to ask permission on leave, and he came back asking for permission, as (a writer under training) .. This is how the column heading came.

The professor is given a lesson in humility, as he is currently the owner of the most famous Egyptian column (just an opinion), the title allows a lot of disagreement, and at the same time confirms a lot of humility, quite similar to the approach of Professor Salah in his relationship with the profession, and colleagues, even those who did not practice the profession in the institution that He belongs to him, as he does not impose his opinion on anyone.

The column, or the editorial board? Question I decided to answer it early, settled the situation and chose the column, this does not mean that I was presented to the editorial office and said no, it never happened, perhaps one time at the beginning of the millennium, and it was (Al Kawakib) magazine, and it came to the dear colleague and on the merits of Mahmoud Saad, but did not Officially, no one bids, only a nominal frequency.

The distinctive columns of our generation start with adults, “Idea”, Mustafa Amin, “Mawaqif”, Anis Mansour, and “Days with a History” by Ahmed Bahaa El-Din, and (Text of the word) Ahmed Ragab. And Professor Salah Montaser (just saw), and thus these became a daily fruit, and our colleague Magdy Mhanna (in the Forbidden) joined them, who started in the “delegation”, and then proceeded to the “Egyptian today”. Professor Salah Hafez was writing a bold weekly column in (Akhbar Al Yom) entitled (Stop).

Professor Anis Mansour can submit a number of columns at once to be published consecutively. He writes professionally, and is confident that the reader is waiting for him. I imagine that Professor Mostafa Amin is the fastest writing person, and it was known about him that once he grabbed the pen he would not leave it unless he had finished the idea, and would not read the column, only if his door knocked on a guest or editor under training, asking him to read the column, waiting for his opinion.

I do not imagine Professor Salah except that he reviews the column more than once before being pushed for publication, and he had issues and general battles in which he participates, such as his campaign against smoking, he himself is a role model in this field, and he wanted the benefit to prevail, Professor Salah is keen to read and each Generations, and from the good luck that I received from him some comments that I consider to be medals on my chest, he is the journalist first, and that is an advantage because he makes the issue he deals with is the hero, and the handling comes later, while for example Professor Anis Mansour was the first, second and third, he steals the reader’s interest in the heart , While Salah Montaser introduces the mind to an authentic party. The number of columns before the January 25 revolution was relatively small, compared to what happened after it, some took advantage of the weakness of a number of press leaders, and obtained a press column forcibly.

The columns that lean on many literary forms differ from a short story, from a drama, from a story, a press template that is subject to a rule, a beginning, a middle and an end, and the reader must feel that that lock is the inevitable in the formulation, and he will not forgive you if you repeat information Or slack you rhythm.

We have many studies on the great directors, musicians, poets and others, but we have shortened the right of the profession and we have not given its writers what they deserve, especially those who start our day with their words, the first of which is my teacher Salah Montaser, whom I consider (a writer above evaluation)!

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