Yalla Koura interviews the mother of the player, Mamdouh Hashem


Hewar – Shorouk Ghoneim and Muhammad Mahdi:
There are only minutes left until the end of the match between Egypt and Tunisia in the final of the African Championship, a complete focus in the Rades stadium hall of our team, qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is closer than ever before, the roaring Tunisian fans roaring enthusiasm in the hearts of their children, but repeated cheering From an Egyptian seventieth woman carrying a small white, black and red flag mediated by the eagle, it was remarkable, touching the hearts of the Egyptians, especially her son, the player of the circle, “Mohamed Mamdouh Hisham”, so when the match ended with the victory of the team, he ran her side to accept her hands and feet “Always from his childhood and up to now and I with him And in its appearance anywhere, “says your father The hopes of Khawajah in her dialogue at night Koura.

The mother was crying over her happiness when the referee ended the match, before the Egyptian player ran to her to embrace her and descended to the ground towards her feet. The paparazzi from Tunisia and others turned around, tried to document a unique moment in handball courts, but Khawaja did not feel surprised. It is normal between a mother and her son, “as the twenty-year-old used to kiss her hand and presented her anywhere.” Mabirkish from the door of the house, except when my leg gets dry and cuddles, and it works among the people on the street, Bmaxfash.

Handball has shaped the life of Al-Kharajah’s hopes. Her feet have known stadiums since 1976, when she was engaged to player Mamdouh Hisham, “I was in a spirit and saw him everywhere.” She became aware of the arts of the game, analyzing the performance of the players, telling with her husband about the course of the match. She has a relationship with Handball, because it was a breakthrough for me in the game. “The circle was complete when her child was passionate about the game itself and became a player in it, succeeding his father.

Muhammad Mamdouh explored the world of handball since he was three years old “it was his favorite game”, he was not known much about him as a child, but his father felt that he was a handball player’s plant “We were then in Saudi Arabia we made him work alone to learn”, the young man gradually even He became a well-known player, “I stayed with him in all his championships like I used to work with his father,” but this time he did not find the father in the seats.

The trio did not separate from each other, in every match Muhammad roams the handball field, he feels reassured because over the sight of his father and his mother in the seats of spectators, the young player focuses on the match and does not miss his mind the advice of his father the big player, and when the meeting ends he goes eagerly to meet them, affectionately His mother hugs and “sits with his father talking about the match,” while the mother feels proud that her son “won the African, Asian and European championship.”

But the safety circle lost a major rib when the father passed away on August 25, 2019, it was a tough moment for everyone but a doubling of the same young player “Muhammad was very attached to his father, so much so that his time did not go with Bucharest, his father is tired, he asked permission to sit with him and he was late to share with them , Preferred jumping to his last minute.

The heart of the young player was saddened, in every game he played, he looked up in search of his father as he used to, as his words and advice did not leave his ears before each match. It was the first African Championship that Muhammad Mamdouh is competing after the father’s departure. His mother insisted on attending despite the difficult matter. “The visa takes a great time, but after what I contacted with the Egyptian Federation, they worked with them on the same day and appreciated my son’s spirit.”

She accompanied her son’s hopes in the championship, before every match she excited, trying to wipe himself from sadness, pushing herself on patience for the sake of her little one. “It was difficult for me to bring the match without what my nutty stay remains, but I was wanting to keep my son jumping and feeling it. The big part that he lost In the end, it will be exchanged for air. ”

His great happiness appeared to the player Mohamed Mamdouh Hisham when he saw his mother in the stands watching the team’s matches “I attended 3 games, Gabon and Algeria and the final with Tunisia” chanting his name and Egypt at every moment despite the sorrows that fill its heart over the death of her husband, she was evoking his presence at every moment, you write In her mind, notes, she knows if her late husband is next to her. What will he say to her son, “Do a good move on the circuit .. It is not important to answer a lot of brothers and give places to your colleagues to answer Ajwan.” She wished that he was present, but his spectrum did not leave her for a moment during the match, she follows the son’s movements in The stadium “is moving in El Daira Kuis, and Bijib Agwan Kate Rh “After the end of each game showered him pray” Aktar call Bcolhala mercy of our Lord Amitrdekh never. ”

In the final, the Lady of the Seventy stood in the stands of Rades Stadium, her heart rises with every goal for the Egypt team, and grieves when he strikes a goal for the opponent, the time passes slowly, her eyes are closely watching the son’s movements, raising the flag of Egypt with her hands “the little flag in my hands was representing the water A million Egyptians are putting their hope on the team, “Spreading the joy with her voice and chanting to Egypt,” I am neither Sunni nor sad as Josie makes me do this, but this is Egypt. ”

When the match ended, the joy did not seek the same, but tears poured in spite of it. The moment of sadness was broken, when Muhammad came next to her, embracing her deeply, kissing her feet, “This is my habit, always with me, but the time I felt that it was different”.


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