Youssef Deedat died from a bullet to the head


07:18 PM

Friday 17 January 2020


The South African newspaper AOL reported the death of Youssef Ahmed Deedat, 65, after being wounded by gunfire from unidentified gunmen, who was shot in the head outside the Magistrate’s Court in Ferulam, South Africa, on Wednesday, in St. Ann Hospital in Betimaritzburg. Friday afternoon.

Rais Deedat, the son of the Islamic preacher, said that family and friends were by his bed when he died quietly today.

“The family expresses its deep gratitude for the support they received from the family, friends and society. May God have mercy on him in peace.”

South Africas police spokesman, Colonel Thambika Mbeli, said Deedat was walking with his wife when he was shot.

Mabele said the motive for the shooting was unknown. The suspect is still on the run.

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