Zamalek attends guest on El-Gouna today on a “crawl to the top” trip


Solve Zamalek first ball team A guest at five in the evening today, El Gouna team in the 13th round of the league match hosted by El Gouna Stadium, in the context of Zamalek’s strong effort to return again to the right path and crawl towards the front of the league after reaching third place in the table with 21 points, each of Al Ahly, leading with 30 Points, and the Arab contractors ranked second with 29 points, in contrast, the El Gouna team ranks 12th in the ranking table with 12 points.

Today’s match does not accept losing any points for Zamalek, who started recovering locally after winning 2-0 at Aswan and Tanta 3-2 in a row in the league, and after that he achieved an important African victory at the expense of ZESCO United 2/0 in The African Champions League, so that the Zamalek team will start a new stage in its career this season, which is the stage of restoring victories and competing for tournaments.

French coach Patrice Carteron of Zamalek team settled on the same formation as ZESCO’s last match in the African Champions League, in light of the high level of the team, and some stars such as the Moroccans Mohamed Onajem and Ashraf Ben Sharky shine, as well as the understanding that appeared on the defense line represented by the duo Mahmoud Alaa And Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, but the right-back center in Zamalek remains the chronic headache of Carton at the moment, as the duo Hazem Imam and the young Ahmed Eid entered a competition to enter the basic formation, after Hazem Emam returned from injury and participated in the ZESCO match, as well as the good level presented by a Hamad Eid during his participation with the first team since his recent escalation from the junior sector to solve the Yemeni front crisis after the departure of Hamdi Al-Naqaz and the termination of his contract with the club, but the technical staff wants to relieve Hazem Imam in local confrontations as much as possible so that he is permanently ready to be present in the team’s matches in the championship African which will be decided in the technical lecture today.

The expected formation of Zamalek in front of El Gouna

It is expected that Carteron will push with a formation that includes: Muhammad Abu Jabal in the goalkeeping front, in front of him the quadruple Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mahmoud Al Wensh and Mohamed Abdel Shafi, and in the center Tariq Hamid and Ferjani Sassi, the attacking trio Ashraf bin Sharqi, Muhammad Onajim, Youssef Obama and the attacker of Mustafa Mustafa.

On the other hand, the El Gouna team is looking for a victory today to advance a position and reach the 11th position in the league where El Gouna competes with the 11th Egyptian with a score of 15 points, and in the event that El Gouna wins today it is equal to the Egyptian in the points balance, but he advances a position instead of him with a goal difference .

The expected formation of El-Gouna in front of Zamalek

The El-Gouna team suffers from the absence of midfielder Ahmed Hamdi, who suffered an injury in the pre-game training, and it is expected that the Portuguese coach, Pedro, will have a formation that includes: Al-Gharbawi, Khaled Sobhi, Mohamed Naguib, Basem Ali, Jonathan Njeim, Akram Tawfiq, Mohamed Laila , Ahmed Amouri, Amr Barakat, Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Islam Rushdie.


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