Zamalek continues its victories by defeating El-Gouna in the league


Zamalek continued its local victories for the third consecutive game by winning away from Earth 2-0 in El Gouna in the match that brought the two teams together today, Wednesday, in the 13th round of the Premier League at El Gouna Stadium.

Zamalek raised its score to 24 points, to be unique in third place, ahead of the Alexandrian Federation, and in return, El Gouna stopped at 12 points in 12th place.

Shikabala advanced to Zamalek in the 15th minute, before Mohamed Onajim added the second goal in the 55th minute.

Match events

The first offensive appearance in the match came from Zamalek in the second minute through a cross from the right side, which was received by Omar Al-Saeed with a header next to Al-Qaim.

Ferjani Sassi sent a brilliant cross from the left side, amid continued control by the guests at the beginning of the match, but Mahmoud Al-Gharabawi was on time and was able to remove her with a fist and the referee calculated a mistake in his favor in the 7th minute.

Amr Barakat tried to score on the Zamalek goal in the first threat from El-Gouna on Abu Jabal’s goal in the 12th minute, but the shot came higher than the crossbar.

Shikabala created a great opportunity to score in the 13th minute after playing a cross from the right side to Mohamed Onajim who tried to prepare it head to Omar Al-Saeed but Al-Gharbawi was on time and farther away.

Shikabala progressed in favor of Zamalek in the 15th minute after receiving a wonderful ball on the right side, joined the depth and then shot a wonderful globe that netted near the left post of goalkeeper Mahmoud Al Gharabawi.

And Muhammad Abu Jabal Al-Gouna was denied a tie in the 19th minute after a great start from Basem Ali on the right side, where he got rid of Mahmoud Alaas censorship and hit a left ball that the Zamalek goalkeeper left in the left foot with a wonderful reaction, then the defense turned it to a corner.

After a period of calm in the match, Amr Barakat hit a ball from outside the penalty area in the 29th minute, which was eliminated by the Zamalek defense for a corner kick.

Joseph missed “Obama” the opportunity to double the score in the 35th minute after he hit a ball from inside the penalty area and the defense drove him to a corner after he set his foot in the direction of the ball.

Zamalek players made a great attack in the 44th minute, exchanging a pass in the El Gouna penalty area, but it ended with a weak shot in the hand of Mahmoud El Gharbawi.

El-Gouna responded with a quick counterattack after Amr Barakat sent a cross from the left side, which was received by Amr Abdel-Fattah “Amouri” with a shot that Mohamed Abu Jabal tackled nicely.

El Gouna entered the second half, pressuring the defenses of Zamalek, and he was back in the 51st minute after an opportunity came to unite against Ahmed Yasser Rayan, but Abu Jabal was again the man of the scene after he got out of his net and pushed the ball away.

Mohamed Onajim doubled the score in the 55th minute of the match, after a pass from Obama that Al-Maghribi received and landed outside the penalty area.

El Gouna made two switches at once in the 58th minute with the participation of Islam Mohareb and Sergey Aka, instead of Amouri and Mohamed Mohsen Layla.

Zamalek club participated in the 59th minute Mohamed Hassan, Zamalek midfielder instead of Ferjani Sassi in order to rest the latter, and get a defensive advantage in the middle of the stadium.

El Gouna got a free kick near the penalty area in the 63rd minute, and Ahmed Hamdi performed it with a medium-high shot, but Abu Jabal was on the date and pulled it off to a corner.

Zamalek club coach Patrice Carteron made the second switch in the team, with Mostafa Fathi participating in the 65th minute instead of Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala”.

Mohammed Abu Jabal’s crossbar led to a superb header by Islam Muhareb in the 69th minute, after he received a great cross from Jonathan from the left side, and White Goalkeeper was unable to deal with it.

The third switch came in favor of Zamalek in the 76th minute with the participation of Mostafa Mohamed instead of Omar Al-Saeed.

Muhammad Abu Jabal fell on the field without interference from the opponent and asked to call the medical device in the 83rd minute, and after two minutes the game was resumed normally.

Zamalek settled the result of the match in his favor, and thus achieved the third successive victory in the last league matches, to continue to advance in the competition’s ranking table.

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