Zamalek defeats El Gouna with two goals, Shikapala and Unagame


Team succeeded Zamalek Achieving a valuable victory over El-Gouna with two goals for nothing in the match that took place between them at El-Gouna Stadium in the Red Sea within the activities of the thirteenth round of the league.

Mahmoud Shikabala advanced to Zamalek in the 15th minute, and Moroccan Mohamed Onajem added the second goal in the 55th minute of the match, raising the white balance to 24 points and continuing in the third position of the league, while the El Gouna balance stuck at 12 points in the twelfth place.

first half

Zamalek started the game with strong pressure on the El Gouna players in order to achieve the goal of progress and indeed they dominated control. In the fifth minute, Youssef Obama, Zamalek playmaker, started the ball from the middle of the field and tried to dodge the El Gouna defense, but Mohamed Naguib succeeded in scattering the ball from Obama.

In the eighth minute, Obama sends a cross from the left side into the penalty area, but the ball passes without danger to the goal and the defense dispersed it, then the performance of El Gouna players improves thanks to the moves of Ahmed Hamdy and Ahmed Yasser Rayan. In the eleventh minute, Amr Barakat, the game maker El Gouna, pays a strong ball from outside the area The penalty but far from the goal off the field.

In the 15th minute, Mahmoud Shikabala succeeded in achieving the first goal of his team when he received his ball from the right side and bypassed one of the El Gouna defenders and hit a strong ball that inhabits the Bahrawi team’s goal, to advance the white giant with the first goal.

In the 18th minute, Bassem Ali went to the right of the stadium, entered the Zamalek penalty area, and deflected the Zamalek defenders well and hit a strong ball that Mohamed Abu Jabal successfully tackled, then the defense scattered him outside the stadium. In the 23rd minute, Zamalek goalkeeper Mohamed Abu Gabal fell after a joint ball with Ahmed Yasser Rayan El-Gouna striker and the medical staff descending to help him.

This is the pitch of the stadium completely from the players of Zamalek, who felt the strength of the El Gouna players and preferred the tendency to defend the enthusiasm in excess of El Gouna. In the 30th minute, Omar Al Saeed, the Zamalek striker, gets a yellow card for recklessness with one of the El Gouna players.

In the 34th minute, Hazem Imam leads an organized attack and sends a cross from the right side into the penalty area for Omar Al-Saeed bouncing back to Obama who received it and paid it, but Khaled Al-Gouna, the defender of El-Gouna, succeeded in tackling it and got out of the stadium. After blocking Ahmed Yasser Rayan in the midfield area.

Zamalek players are trying in the last five minutes of the first half age to keep the ball as long as possible and get corner kicks until the match referee ended the first half with the white castle ahead of El Gouna with a goal for nothing.

Second half

The second half started with intense pressure from El Gouna players in order to reach the equalizer and in the 50th minute a ball exchange between Bassem Ali and Akram Tawfiq in the middle of the field, but the ball reached from Bassem and reached the defense of Zamalek, and in the 51st minute, a long pass behind Zamalek defenders Mohamed Abu Jabal came out of his goal The ball was dispersed, but it reached Ahmed Hamdi, who tried to hit the ball directly, but away from the goal outside the stadium.

In the 55th minute, the brilliant Shikabala leads a systematic attack by Zamalek, played by Youssef Obama, who puts it in front of the Moroccan Mohamed Onajem, who shoots it strong in the goal, announcing the second goal of the white team. French Carteron, technical director of Zamalek, the first change of white with the descent of Mohamed Hassan and the exit of Tunisian Ferjani Sassi .

In the 61st minute, Islam Muhareb sent a pass from the left of the Zamalek penalty area to Ahmed Hamdi, who received the ball on the edge of the penalty area and a slowdown from the El Gouna player. I lost the gravity of the attack and the Zamalek defenders succeeded in extracting the ball, a minute later Ahmed Ahmed Hamdy hit a powerful ball in the far right corner of the goal that he tackled. Muhammad Abu Jabal successfully.

Zamalek is making its second change in the 65th minute with Mustafa Fathi coming down instead of Shikapala, then in the 69th minute, the replacement model Zamalek is forbidding Islam Muhareb from adjusting the result and scoring the first goal of El Gouna. Mohamed Abu Gabal continued his brilliance after he succeeded in tackling a strong shot from Akram Tawfiq from the right side. Her ranger has brilliantly.

In the 76th minute, Zamalek will make its third change with the descent of Mostafa Mohamed instead of Omar Al-Saeed, after which El-Gouna players will try to score the first goal by sending many crosses and shots on the Zamalekawy goal, except that Abu Jabal shine prevented the first goal of the coastal team.

In the 80th minute, El Gouna is making his third change with Walter Bwalyas descent instead of Ahmed Hamdy, and in the 83rd minute El Gouna players try to find a gap in the tight defense of Zamalek through passes across the field, but the wake of the duo Mahmoud Alaa and Mohamed Abdel Ghani defending the white prevented any goals, and in Extra time, Zamalek will complete the game with 10 players after Abdullah Juma left the left back and his team made the three changes, then Zamalek tends to defend until Amin Omar blew his whistle, announcing that Al-Abyad won the most valuable three points.

The formation of Zamalek in front of El Gouna is as follows :

Goalkeeping: Muhammad Abu Jabal

Defense Line: Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mohamed Abdel Ghani and Abdullah Gomaa,

Midfield: Tariq Hamid, Ferjani Sassi, Shikapala, Muhammad Onajim and Youssef Obama

The offensive line: Omar Al-Saeed.

Whereas, El Gounas formation came as follows : –

Guarding the goal: Mahmoud al-Gharbawi

Defense line: Basem Ali, Mohamed Naguib, Khaled Sobhy and Joseph Jonathan

Midfield: Akram Tawfiq, Mohamed Layla, Ahmed Hamdy, Amr Barakat and Ammouri

The offensive line: Ahmed Rayan.

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