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This is an award behind a story that began six months ago from now, when the Abu Dhabi Art Festival decided to award its prize to the wonderful artist Yahya Al-Fakhrani .. At that time, Al-Fakhrani was associated with a theatrical work that he presented to Cairo fans, so I apologize and thank the festival management for choosing and honoring it!

But the administration was thinking in another way, and its conviction was that this is an award if an artist of the size of al-Fakhrani could not come to deliver it in Abu Dhabi, then it should go to him .. and this was what he was .. In the opera house, Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem stood to receive the award .. He then stood up to tell his story with his prize, and how, when he apologized for not going to receive it, he did not know that it was different from every prize that came along the way!

His appreciation was also that it is permissible from the heart, and that this is what tempted him to improvise the word of thanks to her, to be from the heart to the same degree!

When the invitation to attend the ceremony came to me from the Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and Arts, I was stopped by the shepherd is Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Minister of Emirati Tolerance .. The man is a former minister of culture, and he sits at the head of a ministry unparalleled in any Arab country .. This is not strange, for they are Another unique ministry called the Ministry of Happiness, headed by Minister Ohood Al-Roumi, in the government of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid!

In his spontaneous speech, Al-Fakhrani paused in front of the name of the ministry that sponsors the award, and said that we are called to put more than one line under the word “tolerance” .. and he was absolutely right .. Then he warned the attendees that the mere mention of Abu Dhabi calls the name of Sheikh Zayed to mind on The spot! .. And he was right in this too .. Then the apparent fact was that the sons of Zayed were walking along the same path that the father walked … especially with regard to the relationship between Abu Dhabi and Cairo!

Fakhri Al-Fakhrani is firmly convinced that works in various fields of creativity are what remain … not awards … and that we will continue to remember that the novel “Sons of Our Neighborhood” that Naguib Mahfouz got Noble, more than we mention the award itself .. just as we mention that Sadat was The hero who fought the war for peace, more than we remember, he got the Nobel too!

This is his certainty … but he did not prevent him from receiving this award, for many reasons he will recount it, the most important of which is that it contains the scent of Sheikh Zayed, who received a rare love from millions inside and outside his country!

As for Mrs. Hoda Al-Khamis Kanoo, who founded the group and the award together, she made their slogan like the following: We invest in youth, we draw for the future, and we belong to humanity! .. It is a triple formula that is successful in any action!

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