10 Egyptian youth from Dakahlia detained in Namibia


The village of Mit Fadaleh, affiliated to the Aga Ya Dakahlia Center, is witnessing a state of sadness and pain after the detention of 10 of its sons in the state of Nampiba, after the Namibian authorities arrested them while they were working. Bakir, Ahmed Eid Bakir, Raed Muhammad, Mahmoud Ismail Sanad Taha, Ahmed Ahmed Khater and Muhammad Salah.

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The detained youths traveled to Namibia to work for a living, and they sold and traded clothes.

The people confirmed that their children traveled with a visa for several months and were communicating with them to check on them, but several days ago their phones were turned off and they were unable to reach them and all they knew was that they were being held there.

They added, “We appeal to the Egyptian authorities to intervene for the sake of their children, as they have intervened before to release the fishermen who were arrested for some time.”

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