10 seconds hearts broke … the story of a young man who escaped from his father’s “hell” in Imbaba


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Friday 28 February 2020

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

A regular verbal dispute took place between the twenty-year-old and his father inside their house on Al-Wataniya Street in Imbaba, north of Giza Governorate, which ended with the son leaving for a rented apartment for his friends in the Faisal area in Mariotia, in search of resting his mind, who was overwhelmed by thinking without knowing in his mind that his flight ticket “went without return” .

Askar met his friend and set out towards an apartment their colleagues rented in one of the residential towers on Faisal Street. The two had a warm interview that was astonished by the first wish of the overnight companion that one of them accompanied them by asking them, “Are you suffocating with your father or what?”

Yesterday morning, Thursday, the 27-year-old received a call from his mother, her voice sounding tired as if she had just finished a “quarrel”, which revealed with the explanation of the mother of her son, “Your father hit me .. I was fired … tired of salvation.”

The debate raged between the mother and her liver, the voice of the latter raised in an expression of his anger and the actions of his father, who was always fed up with her. A friend, Muhammad, noticed the severity of the call, so he asked for it quickly. “Put your voice together … We are guests with the people.”

A graduate of the Faculty of Administrative Information and Systems refused his friend’s request to end his conversation with his mother, climbing up the balcony wall of the ninth floor apartment, chanting, “I was bored from the world and I want to commit suicide … tell Abuia that is the reason.”

At first glance, the friends thought that the actions of their guest, “Muhammad”, were a joke, but they soon realized the truth of the matter when the young man in his twenties climbed outside the air-conditioning unit, so they rushed to prevent him, asking him not to commit a crime against himself.

Friends grabbed the “Lashkar” from the “T-shirt” he was wearing in the hope of saving him, but their efforts and the residents of the neighboring apartments – especially the woman’s conversation with an emotional character who tried to discourage him from committing suicide – failed until he removed the “T-Shirt” to drop a dead body upon hitting the ground.

A few minutes packed with the famous street of pedestrians and residents alike – astonishment mixed with sorrow over the faces of the audience, while one of them posted a video clip – not exceeding 10 seconds – that monitors the last moments before the suicide of the young man – “Masrawy” reserves to publish it due to his ugliness – .

Police cars arrived from the Haram police station, led by Colonel Mohamed Nabil Mamour, and Lt. Col. Muhammad Al-Sagheer, Chief of the Investigations, and his assistant, Major Hani Ajlan.

The security forces imposed a cordon around the body of the corpse, and prevented anyone from approaching until the forensic officers and the Public Prosecution arrived to debate the body, and to determine the cause of death before depositing the morgue of the Haram Hospital.

According to the police report, one of the 27-year-olds committed suicide due to family disputes, as he jumped from the ninth floor of his friend’s residence in Faisal Street in the Haram Police Station department, and his friends’ attempts to save him after his attachment to the balcony wall failed.

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