1500 pounds for sexual massage .. 9 Asian women arrested in a health club in Nasr City – accidents


“1500 pounds is the value of a sexual massage for an individual, inside a health club in Nasr City” .. A statement came from a health club pioneer, after the General Directorate of Combating Etiquette Crime raided two health clubs in Nasr City, and 9 Asian girls and 3 Egyptians were arrested, Accusing them of setting up unlicensed health clubs and performing immoral acts within two massage centers.

The prosecution decided to detain the accused pending investigations for allegedly engaging in immoral acts for a period of 4 days, pending investigations.

The beginning was, with the launching of an enlarged campaign by the General Administration of Literature Protection, on health clubs in Cairo, and the campaign managed to seize two massage and beauty centers in Nasr City, after legalizing the procedures.

Two massage centers were seized, in which 9 Asian girls were charged with engaging in acts contrary to public morals, setting up a group of health clubs without a permit, illegally staying in the country, promoting and advertising sex and prostitution for a fee, via the Internet, and using oils and tools of unknown source.

Three men who were forbidden to have fun were caught while the Asian massages performed a sexual massage, and against them they confessed to the results of the seizure, in return for 1500 pounds.

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