19 new cases of corona, bringing the total to 57 cases


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

19 new cases of coronavirus were registered in France on Friday, bringing the total to 57 cases.

The French defense minister said that cases of Corona virus infection were recorded at a military base north of Paris.

Al-Arabiya correspondent reported that an exceptional defense and cabinet meeting will be held today, Saturday, in France to discuss the implications of Corona.

Following Corona virus outbreak in France And many Italian cities, France raised the level of alert, especially at its borders with Italy for fear of infection reaching it.

The National Railways Company took a decision on Tuesday to stop the directing of employees working on the Paris Milan train line to their work towards Italy.

As part of this strategy, the French government has recommended that people returning from Lombardy and Veneto in northern Italy adhere to a 14-day home quarantine (that is, the incubation period of the virus) and especially children, to be prevented from going to school during that period.

After tightening controls on tourists coming from there, a passenger bus coming from Milan, Italy, was stopped at a train station in the French city of Lyon, due to the discovery of a suspected case of Coronavirus, and medical teams came to assess the situation until Corona was subsequently denied.

In another precautionary measure, isolation was temporarily imposed on a police station in the 13th arrondissement of Paris due to the suspicion of another infection with the virus, after three Chinese tourists arrived at the center to file a complaint, and then the isolation was lifted after it became clear that the infection was not valid.

As part of the measures, France announced its intention to equip 70 new health facilities that will be able to receive Corona patients, while there are currently 38 health facilities ready to receive them, and has decided to purchase tens of millions of gags of Corona.

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