20 players in the Egyptian list to face Al-Ahly in the league


Egyptian coach Ehab Galal announced the list of his team that is preparing to face Al-Ahly in the Egyptian League championship.

The two teams will meet next Friday at the Border Guard stadium in the sixth round of the Egyptian Premier League.

According to the official website of the Port Said Club, the team will enter a closed camp this afternoon, Wednesday, at an Alexandria hotel, and the team’s list included 20 players: Ahmed Abdel Fattah, Mohamed Shehata, Saidou Sempoure, Islam Abu Salima, Karim El Iraqi, Omar Kamal, Khaled Mostafa for the line of defense, Farid Shawky, Islam Attia, Easy Emeka, Hassan Ali, Ahmed Yasser, Hussein Ragab, Moftakat Taktak, Sheikh Mukuru, Muhammad Jaber, Abdel Nasser de Maria, Ayman Nada for the midfield, Mahmoud Wadi, Austin Amoto for the offensive line.

Team leader Amr Moussa was excluded from the camp list due to the circumstances of his father’s death on Tuesday morning, while goalkeeper Ahmed Masoud, Bahaa Magdy, was absent from the list.

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly is at the top of the league table with 42 points, which they collected from winning in 14 rounds (and there are two deferred points other than Al-Masry’s meeting), while the Port Said team occupies the tenth place with 20 points, collecting them after running 15 rounds (he won in 5 games and tied And lost in their likeness).


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