3 committees with “K” examined Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly video … and surprisingly, the ruling hit a stone


Today, I learned from the very important sources, who are close to “K” committees, who refused to disclose their names, that three committees are the discipline, the emergency, and the competitions are waiting for a video. Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly match Until the match referee and observer reports arrive, to check the events in the picture in addition to the written reports.

In the same context, the same sources confirmed that the video of the “official” match, obtained by “enough” from the broadcasting channel, is a “official” document, which bites written reports, in addition to using it to determine, increase or reduce penalties.

The information we obtained from our sources indicates the presence of another “video” that Al-Ahly officials sent after the mission’s arrival includes all the events from the mission’s arrival to the departure of the Khartoum airport, in addition to a set of video _ videos _ filmed by Ahly fans, and one of these footage shows the injury of the first assistant referee With a stone from his back, he was forced to enter the stadium and reach the rule of the square, waiting for the results of the events that swept in the “74” minute to intercept the Hilal players, and their Moroccan contact with good satisfaction with a television clip.

Our sources also confirmed that the emergency committee is chaired by one of the deputies of President Ahmed Ahmed and can issue urgent decisions until a date is set for the meeting in the urgent serious events, and the president of the union can attend.

Also the footage included how the Al-Ahly team and the technical staff were detained for an hour and a third of the hour until the stands were cleared, and there are footage showing how the Sudanese army and security forces protect the players and the device with their bodies, until the stoning of stones, empty bottles, and broken seats ceased!

From the Egyptian side, we learned that Al-Ahly asked the committee that runs the Football Federation headed by Amr Al-Janini to follow up with the CAF, which is the same request that was submitted to the Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, alongside the Egyptian Ambassador to Sudan Hossam Issa as a witness to the events and with the embassy staff.

In any case, Al-Ahly officials are awaiting the implementation of the regulations, especially Article “3”, which requires the guest team to win “2/0” in such terrifying events for the teams, but the approval of the guest’s victory needs to include the referee’s reporter and the observer that the minute in which the game was suspended Because of a serious riot, as happened in Al-Hilal Stadium – the Blue Gem – the end of the match is counted, but the referee is forced to complete the match for fear of an unrestrained crowd raging and keen on the lives and peace of the players and the fans, so Al-Ahly officials are still waiting for what the events will explain and it is expected that The decision will be issued before the specified drawing for Wednesday, February 5, GA See.


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