30 photos from the opening of “The Catholic Cinema”


11:34 PM

Friday 28 February 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

Photography – Mahmoud Abdel Nasser:

The opening ceremony of the 68th Catholic Film Center Festival, in the presence of a large number of artists, was concluded today.

Among the attendees were the artist Nelly, the artist Sherine, the artist Salah Abdullah, the artist Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, the composer Helmy Bakr, the director Rami Imam, the director Mohamed Fadel, the artist Firdous Abdel Hamid, the media Osama Al Sheikh, the director Omar Abdelaziz, the artist Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, and the artist Mai Omar Artist Sabry Abdel Moneim.

The festival honored the artist Adel Imam and his son, director Rami Imam, attended the ceremony to receive the honor, which said: “Professor Adel has a very severe response, and it is not SK, and thanks the Catholic Center.”

He also honored Nelly, Sherine, Zaki, Fateen Abdel Wahab, Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, Salah Abdullah, Muhammad Fadel, Omar Abdulaziz, Osama Al-Sheikh, and composer Hilmi Bakr.

The festival also honored the heroes of the Abu Arousa series, Sayed Ragab and Sawsan Badr, but the latter did not attend.

The Festival of the Catholic Center for Cinema in its 68th session, headed by Father Boutros Daniel, announced the 5 competing films during this session: “The Guest” by director Hadi Al-Bagouri, “The Immobilia Crime” by director Khaled Al-Hajar, “The Passage” by director Sharif Araf, between Bahrain Director Anas Anas, “Lama Bentold” by Tamer Ezzat.

The members of the jury for this session are chaired by the screenwriter Atef Beshay, the membership of Raghda, Ahmed Badir, the meeting of Khamisi, the director Hani Lashin, the Editor, Ghada Jabara, Director of Photography Sameh Salim, the musician Rajeh Dawoud, the critic Issam Zakaria


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