4 new deputies in the Iranian parliament were infected with Corona virus


Muhammad Ali Wakili, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s Presidency Council, announced the registration of 4 new deputies in Parliament with Corona virus, out of 30 deputies briefed on the results of their analyzes. Parliament includes 290 deputies, and each of the representatives from Qom Moqtaba Dhul Nur was head of the National Security Committee In parliament, Mahmoud Sadeghi, a deputy from Tehran, confirmed that they had HIV.

Iranian MP Mojtaba Dhul Nur, Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Parliament, has announced his infection with the Coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of 22 people and injured 141 since it spread to various Iranian cities..

Dhul Nur said, in the video clip he posted on social media “Tension”, in which he said that the results of the Corona virus analysis were positive..

Iran officially announced that the country’s health minister was infected with the Corona virus Iraj Harirji, after he appeared at a press conference next to a Rouhani government spokesman who was sweating, and a spokesman for the Ministry of Health confirmed in an interview with official television that the deputy health minister was infected with the virus and is now being quarantined according to the agency Iranian Ilna.

Iranian MP Mahmoud Sadiqi also announced his infection with the new Corona virus, on Twitter, and he wrote, “Corona analysis has had positive results.” I leave this message and I have no hope of living in this life, and left his will to the head of the judiciary, Mahmoud Raisi, and called for the release of prisoners in the country. To prevent the spread of the virus in prisons.

Yesterday, Thursday, IRNA news agency reported that 22 people have died so far due to the new corona virus in Iran, and a clarification of the agency showed that the number of people confirmed to have contracted the disease reached 141..

And the Iranian authorities announced restrictions on the movement of people suffering from confirmed or suspected cases of the “Corona” virus, which is the highest outside China, where the virus originated..


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