43 million pounds, the income of the film, in 7 weeks


A film made for the superstar Tamer Hosny Revenue reached 42,953,498 pounds, thus approaching 43 million pounds during the 7 weeks since its launch in the cinemas, on the 25th of last December. Al-Marouq, along with Tamer Hosni and Zeina, alongside Khaled Al-Sawy, Muhammad Salam, Aisha bin Ahmed, as well as a number of stars as guests of honor, such as Ahmed Al-Saqa and Mai Ezz El-Din.

The moneyThe author Mohamed Abdel-Moaty told Al-Youm Al-Sabaa that the film “Al-Flus” is still capable of attracting high revenues, despite its showing several weeks ago, noting that in conjunction with its continued presence in cinemas in Egypt, it is also present in cinemas in the Gulf and achieves Very satisfactory revenue.

“Filos” revolves around Saif, a professional swindler, who is used by the wealthy beautiful girl Hala-Zeina to help her recover money from another swindler, to begin an endless series of tricks and games in which the concepts of love, friendship and life are mixed.

On the other hand, the star Tamer Hosni will perform a concert tomorrow, Friday, at seven thirty in the Al-Jazira Club, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, during which he will present a large bunch of his romantic songs that suit the atmosphere, and on the other hand, the star of the generation will also perform on the same day , A concert with the participation of Nancy Ajram, Wael Jassar, Baha Sultan, Sandy and others, inside Cairo Stadium, which is organized by MBM company in coordination with my ticket company responsible for distributing tickets.

In another context, the star Tamer Hosni continues to shoot the events of his new cinematic movie, “Not Me”, which is the first Egyptian cinematic film to be filmed between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and it appears that the work contains some of his cinematic lines on the events in Saudi Arabia, especially since the Saudi star Fayez Al-Maliki is participating in His events with a special appearance with the star Tamer Hosni.


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