5 foods that cause health risks if saved in the freezer .. Know it now and avoid it


There are a very large number of women who use the freezer to save seasonal fruits and vegetables to obtain them in the off-season, but there is a list of foods that warns against storing them in the freezer, according to medical and clinical nutritionists, those foods when exposed to low temperatures and interact with plastic Preserved inside it, which causes bacteria and microbes to travel to it, which causes danger to the eyes, nerves, respiratory and digestive systems.

5 foods that cause health risks if saved in the freezer

It is preferable that food containing tomato sauce or soup is not stored, as it is possible that it is exposed to the process of oxidation that changes its color and smell, as well as meat and chicken. When keeping them in the freezer, meat must be separated from the bone, as it helps in The transfer of microbes to food is faster, in addition to rice or stuffed and savory, as when heated it spoils right away, and all starches and macaroni should never smell in the freezer.

Tips when storing foods

Peas and beans should be washed before storing them in the freezer with boiling water well for at least five minutes, to enhance the color and flavor of the vegetables, after that they are filtered and dried before storing them in a plastic bag or carton and depositing them in the freezer, and you should use the plastic bags designated for cooling, taking care to close the freezer well And not to open it many times so as not to spoil the foods, and before proceeding to the use of a food, you must make sure it is correct first.


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