7 important warnings before giving children a polio vaccination tomorrow


The Ministry of Health announced the launch of the national polio vaccination campaign for Egyptians and non-Egyptians residing on the land of Egypt, from the age of one day until 5 years, free of charge for a period of 4 days.

The campaign will be launched from tomorrow, Sunday, February 16 to Wednesday February 19, within the framework of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s vision to advance public and community health that contributes effectively to achieving sustainable development.

Pediatrician Mohamed Abdel Halim Farraj explains some of the warnings that must be taken into account before giving the child the vaccination, which are as follows:

1- Refrain from breastfeeding for at least half an hour before and after vaccination.
2- At least two weeks must pass between polio vaccination and rotavirus vaccination.
3- No period is required between polio vaccination and any of the following vaccinations: “pneumococcus – bacterial influenza – seasonal influenza – hepatitis A, B – measles – rubella – mumps.”
4- It is not allowed to take the vaccination for a child who is taking medications containing cortisone at a dose of more than 2 mg per kg per day, for a period of more than two weeks.
5- It is forbidden to take the vaccination to the child and all who are in contact with him until one month after the last dose of Cortisone.
6- Prevents a child with an immunodeficiency disease from vaccination.
7- Compulsory health vaccinations do not contradict the polio vaccination in the event that two weeks have not passed since it is considered an activation dose that has no harm.

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