7 reasons why the founder of Telegram warned about the danger of using WhatsApp


Pavel Dorf, the founder of the encrypted instant messaging app, Telegram, in a post on his official blog revealed several reports of WhatsApp criticism and explained why he believed that using WhatsApp is very dangerous, at a time when Telegram is a competing application for WhatsApp, he said: “Some might say that as a competitor app founder, I might be biased when criticizing WhatsApp, of course I do, because I consider secret Telegram conversations much safer than any competitive communication medium – so why would I develop and use Telegram?” And to support his claim that WhatsApp is dangerous And the suggestion that WhatsApp should be deleted from their phones, for example J, Dorov referred to several news reports, the following offer highlights the risks of Watts August, according to include it, “Woodroffe” as follows:

– If the richest man in the world could hack his phone, anyone could be hacked

A loophole was used to extract private communications and pictures of Jeff Bezos – the richest person on the planet – who unfortunately relied on WhatsApp, and since the attack appeared to have originated from a foreign government, it is likely that countless business and government leaders were targeted.

People close to Donald Trump are advised to change their phones

According to a CNN report, a UN expert investigating the Bezos phone hacking incident recommended people close to Donald Trump like his son-in-law Jared Kushner change his phone after the WhatsApp hack.

Instead of apologizing and promising to protect users … Facebook blames others

Given the gravity of the situation, Facebook or WhatsApp was expected to apologize and pledge not to repeat this, but instead, Facebook accused Apple of being the reason for the hack, not WhatsApp.

– End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp does not guarantee absolute security on its own

WhatsApp uses the term “end-to-end encryption” as the method alone that is supposed to make all communications automatically safe, but despite this, this technology cannot guarantee you absolute privacy in itself.

Backups of iCloud WhatsApp chat and Google Drive are not encrypted

Users don’t want to lose their conversations when they switch devices, so they keep a backup copy of the chats in services like iCloud – often without realizing their backups are unencrypted, and Droff added that the fact that Apple was forced by the FBI to abandon plans ICloud encryption makes this dangerous.

The founder of Telegram claims that the back doors are still in WhatsApp

“There is a back door, law enforcement agencies are not very happy with encryption, forcing app developers to secretly plant vulnerabilities in their apps,” Droff continued: “I know that because we have contacted them – and we refuse to cooperate, and as a result, Telegram has been banned in some countries where WhatsApp has no problem with the authorities. “

About 12 rear doors were found in WhatsApp 2019

“Vulnerabilities” are usually described as “occasional” security flaws. Last year alone, 12 of these flaws were found in WhatsApp, seven of them were dangerous – like what happened with Jeff Bezos.


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