A Chinese doctor dies after 10 continuous days of work to fight the Corona virus


A 28-year-old Chinese doctor died suddenly after fighting the Corona virus for 10 days in a row, as a result of a heart attack caused by fatigue as a result of his continuous work at a local clinic in Hunan Province, on the border with the Hubei outbreak.

The doctor is in the medical team
The doctor is in the medical team

According to officials, the newspaper “mirrorThe young doctor has been tasked with examining drivers and passengers on a highway and ongoing work since January 25, as doctors and paramedics work around the clock in China to stop the spread The deadly virus.

A copy of the news of the death of the Chinese doctor
A copy of the news of the death of the Chinese doctor

Song, a native of Kaiyun Town in Hengshan County, died after returning to his ward early Monday.

She told his 29-year-old sister, who had been quarantined for nearly two weeks, that she could only blame herself for not leaving Wuhan before the closure and supported her brother during the difficult time, saying “I can’t believe he died.”

“He always helped me with the housework and was highly respected by his boss, his death is really devastating news for our family,” local officials said, and they helped the doctor Song’s family deal with the effects of that.

The Chinese doctor
The Chinese doctor

The most recent case of infection with the Corona virus

  • Two days ago, a child with coronavirus was born in China after contracting the deadly virus in the womb.

  • In Austria, a 31-year-old woman suspected of being infected with the Corona Virus caused panic when she fled the isolation ward.

  • Meanwhile, it was found that 20 passengers on a cruise ship in quarantine in Japan had confirmed their infection with the coronavirus.


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