A competition between the films “Parasite” and “1917” for the Oscars .. Find out the details


The world is preparing to watch the Academy Awards 2020, which will take place on Sunday at the Dolby Theater, in Hollywood, at nine in the evening, in the timing of the United States of America. Parasite, As each of them received many awards from various festivals that they participated in, in the recent period.

And days before the launch, we will monitor the number of awards each won, especially since Movie Parasite, He won more awards, however Movie 1917 He got the most important prizes, which puts the two in a fierce competition, as each of them wants to take the prize for themselves.

First movie “ParasiteHe received 200 awards, while he nominated another 199 awards, the most important of which were 6 Academy Awards, and the Golden Globes As the best foreign language film, and the … BAFTA For the best original script, and others.

Also got a movie Parasite, The highest rating by critics and experts reached 99%, via the popular reviews website Rotten Tomatoes, At 8.6 on the site imdb, And managed to achieve 163 million dollars in the global box office.

Movie Parasite Casting, Kang Hosung, Sun Kyun Lee, Yoo Ji-ju, Woo Sek Choi, Soo Sad Park, Jeong Lee, Hye Jin Gang, Ji Hye Lee, Ji Soo Jung, Myung Hoon Park, Seo Joon Park..

The film is spinning Parasite About a family of unemployed people, who live in a dark apartment, underground between insects, and then turn their lives, when the son gets to work as an English teacher, for a girl in a rich family, who lives in a large house with a garden.

As for the “War” 1917 movie, he won 104 awards, 155 nominations, including 10 Academy Awards nominations, and won the Best Film and Best Director award, and other awards BAFTAAlso, he received the award Golden Globes For the best movie, director, and other awards.

The 1917 movie received a rating of 89% on the Most Popular Reviews website Rotten Tomatoes, And received a rating of 8.5 on the site imdbAnd the film managed to achieve 252 million dollars in the world box office.

(1917) starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Dean Charles Chapman, George MacKay, Mark Strong, Colin Firth, John Hollingworth, Daniel Mays, Chris Wally, Adrian Scarborough, Nabhan Radwan, Jeeran Howell, Justin Edwards, Robert Facilitated, directed by Sam Mendes.

(1917) His story revolves around two British soldiers who go on an impossible mission, as they must enter the enemy’s land during World War I, in order to deliver a message to prevent their forces trapped inside from walking towards a deadly trap.


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