A famous artist recounts the details of her rape from a famous producer: he broke into my apartment and chained me and then my resistance collapsed


A famous artist told horrific details of a rape she was subjected to at the hands of a famous director.The British Guardian newspaper shed light on a controversial testimony she gave
The international artist “Anabella Secura” against the famous producer Harvey Weinstein.

She said in remarks: “I was raped in my apartment in the city of” New York. “I was in a party plus.”
Angeles, and then I had dinner in Harvey and Einstein and he was with us
Actor Thuma Thurman .. Then I went to my apartment.

She added: I was surprised by Harvey and Einstein forcibly storming my house and I was in pajamas, then
He chained me, even though I was resisting and kicking him, but she chose to resist me and managed to rape me.


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