A famous Egyptian artist is losing her ability to move due to a medical error – Site News – Follow-up


Shwikar, the Egyptian artist, was subjected to a medical error while undergoing surgery, which left her and the movement lost, and subsequently moved to a hospital for treatment, as reported by the Egyptian newspaper “Echo Al Balad”.

The newspaper added that the incident was hidden and dates back for several years, but it was raised now due to rumors about the death of the Egyptian artist, and she had then gone to a hospital to have surgery after she fell at home, and suffered fractures in the pelvic and thigh bones, but the medical error led to her losing movement in a way Tam and prevent her from acting.

The captain of the acting professions in Egypt, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, has denied the news of the actress Shwikar’s death, after social media circulated the news of her death.

Shweikar married the accountant, Hassan Nafi, and after his death she married the artist Fouad Al-Muhandis, where he presented one of the most prominent dichotomies in the history of Egyptian cinema, and then they separated, as she had married to Medhat Youssef.




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