A famous song by Amr Diab, written by Amer … the most prominent statements of Amer’s daughters


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Friday, February 14, 2020

Books – Bahaa Hegazy:

The media host Mona Al-Shazly in the “With You” program, the daughters of the artist Amer Munib (Maryam – Zina – Nour) and his wife, Mrs. Iman Al-Alfi, to talk about the late artist.

The song “The World is God”, which Amr Diab sang, was originally written for the decoration of the middle daughter of the late Amer Munib.

Amr Mostafa wrote the song “The World of God” with different words, “Congratulations, Amer Mounib, your daughter, Zina, guided by God.” However, the words changed and Amr Diab sang “The World, God.”

Amer Munib left his daughters Mariam, Zina and Nour, who are (14-12-8) years.

– Zeina, the middle daughter of Omar Munib, was crying at Kharraj to revive any party, and Amer Munib was wearing a rob to convince her that he would not go out, and after her sleep he would go out to his party.

Iman Al-Alfi, wife of the late artist Amer Mounib, is the author of the idea of ​​”A Factor in Your Life”, presented by Maryam and her father, and achieved great success.

– Iman Al-Alfi, wife of the late artist Amer Munib: At the beginning of thinking about “duet of the song”, it was not limited to family and friends.

Maryam Muneeb: From my childhood my dream was to sing with Baba Amer Munib.

The one of Mona Al-Shazly

God’s world

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