A fiery statement .. Amr Diab’s lawyer responds to Mohamed Ramadan


Lawyer Ashraf Abdel Aziz, the lawyer of the artist Amr Diab, responded to Mohamed Ramadan’s accusation against him during his appearance with the journalist Wael El-Ibrashy on the “Ninth Evening” program that was presented yesterday, Saturday, Standing behind the pilot’s campaign Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr against him.

Mohamed Ramadan had said that the lawyer for a senior singer was behind the campaign because he was the pilot of the pilot at the same time.

Lawyer Ashraf Abdel Aziz responded to Mohamed Ramadan’s accusations with an official statement on his Facebook page.

The lawyer said in the statement: “In response to the person called Mohamed Ramadan, and what he claims to be the singer’s lawyer Too big, I would say that Muhammad Ramadan was my opponent a year ago, and he got the verdict in my absence and the judiciary was fair to me.

The lawyer added in his statement: “I would like to correct a simple matter, which is that I am a lawyer for many stars, producers and athletes, for example, but not limited to them, the artists Hani Ramzy, Ahmed Ezz, Amr Saad, singer Ahmed Saad, Nermeen Al-Fiqi, Dalia Al-Buhairi, Noor and Ihab Tawfiq, and many production companies in the sports field Hossam Hassan, Essam Al-Hadary, Hisham Hanafi, Shadi Muhammad, Hassan Shehata, Ibrahim Hassan, Walid Suleiman, Abdullah Al-Saeed, Mahmoud Metwally and others.

He concluded his statement by saying: “As for filing a lawsuit against him and making the judiciary fair, the Appellate Court for Misdemeanor of Dokki has issued a final verdict of fine of 10,000 pounds and temporary civil compensation of 10,000 pounds on 26/06/2019.”

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