A horrific massacre … an entire family was killed by hanging and poisoning in Egypt


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The governorate of Beheira witnessed north of Egypt, Tuesday, A new massacre A family of 5 people was found killed by poison and hanging inside their house.

A security source revealed that the Rahmaniya Company division in Al-Buhaira governorate was informed that the bodies of an entire family of 5 people had been found dead in their house in Izbat Ali Khadr, which is affiliated with the village of the center of the center.

It turned out that the five bodies of Niqash and his wife and three children, as it was found that some family members were killed by poison, while others were found, including the father hanged.

The security services imposed a cordon around the house, and also called on the relatives and neighbors of the family to listen to their statements and reveal the circumstances of the accident.

A similar crime in the same province

On January 6, the Beheira Governorate witnessed a massacre, which also killed an entire family of 7 individuals whose bodies were found cut from hands and stabbed inside their house.

Security sources revealed that the murderer, Sherif Al-Jazzar, works as a butcher and lives in a neighboring village.

Investigations revealed that the accused registered with the security forces in theft crimes went to the family’s house at four in the morning by a small van, taking advantage of bad weather and cold weather, and the presence of the house in a remote cultivation area far from the village entrance to steal 4 head of cattle owned by the family, and equipped for its members All of them, then burned the house to hide the crime features, then stole the livestock and fled.

The security services were able to reach the defendant after matching his blood samples with those found at the crime scene, and it was found that he is from the same platoon, and upon his confrontation he confessed to committing the theft motivation.

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