A hot cliff by Jamila Awad due to a secondary girls movie .. Watch


Jamila Awad confirmed her happiness with her new artwork, explaining that she did not imagine the reactions of the masses about the movie “Secondary Girls”, where she was I am worried because the action is a team championship, and the heroes are close together.

And Jamila explained, during her meeting on the “on set” program presented by the media “Sherine Hamdy”, There was a difficult scene in which I was beaten, saying: “I was beaten and beaten severely, and scratched in my hands and bare, and there was a scene in which they all beat me and made it difficult for them.”

She pointed pretty, She does not pay much attention to Social Media, but takes care of her personal phone, but is interested in taking the views of her father, director Adel Awad, and her mother, Randa, in the works that are confused. in a Her choice.

And she followed Beautiful: “I didn’t care about my Instagram page and showed my photos to it, and that happened recently.”


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