A Jewish writer claims that his wife persuaded Sadat to visit the Knesset .. and my senses


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Friday 07 February 2020

Books – Ahmad Al-Jazzar:

Yesterday, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper published parts of the memoirs of the famous French Jewish writer, Marek Halter, detailing a meeting he gathered with the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat during a dinner party held at the artist Hussein Fahmy’s house near the Pyramids of Giza.

In his memoirs, entitled “I dreamed of changing the world,” the author said: “It was his wife Clara who proposed to President Sadat the visit of the Knesset in November 1977, which paved the way for the signing of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in the year following the visit, describing I thought it was “crazy at the time.”

In his memoirs, the Jewish writer mentioned that the incident was attended by Lotfi El-Khouly and his wife, who are fluent in the French language, and Ambassador Mourad Ghaleb, Egypt’s ambassador to Moscow at the time, in addition to the actor Hussein Fahmy, who ran the meeting at his home.

“Masrawy” continued with the great star Hussein Fahmy, to comment on what was mentioned in the notes of the French writer, who emphasized in private statements that what the writer mentioned does not relate to reality. Adding that he does not know this writer, and he did not meet with him at all, and pointed out that he never happened to have dinner at his home in the presence of the writer and his wife next to President Sadat as Halter claimed in his book.

Marek Halter, a Jew of Polish descent, is a very influential figure in French, Arab and international circles, as – according to the description of the Middle East – he can call leaders, leaders and presidents on their private telephones, including Arab leaders, and speak to them as a personal friend.

According to the writer’s diary, his wife, Clara, addressed Sadat, saying: “What if I travel to Israel?” Sadat replied, “Thanks for your suggestion to Lady Clara .. I will think about it.”

He added that when Sadat traveled to deliver his famous speech in the Knesset, he met with him and his wife upon arrival at the airport when they were standing behind Moshe Dayan, the Israeli Minister of Defense at the time, pointing out that Sadat said to his wife: “So you notice Madame Clara, you have literally implemented your idea.”

The artist Hussein Fahmy described the incident as fabricated and misleading, saying: “What the writer mentioned is like cinema movies, because all their events are fictional and not real, and I personally did not know anything about them, and most of the names mentioned in this story have all gone.”

Fahmy explained, in his statements to Masrawy, “This method is good for the Israelis to prove to the world that they are the owners of all decisions.” He pointed out that they had previously done so in the story of Ashraf Marwan, and they tried to prove to the world that he was a spy by them by fabricating the story of “the angel” Famous, but the truth is that they had killed him after he deceived them and laughed at them.

The great artist revealed that the other part of the novel proves the lie and claim of this writer, because what he mentioned does not fully correspond to the characteristics of the personality of the late President Anwar Sadat, who had his own thought, and his advisors whom he trusted, and that he would not wait to obtain such an idea from a lady Jewish.

Fahmy ended his speech by saying: “The State of Israel is fluent in the game of deception, and has an incentive to write history as it wishes and as it sees fit for it and its future generations, and that it uses such writers to falsify the facts.” He pointed out that he had also previously read the notes of another Jewish writer under the title: “And it shattered The planes at dawn. “He claimed that he had informed the leadership in Israel on the night of May 25 that Egypt intended to launch a comprehensive air attack on its airports and military bases, which enabled it to prepare for and warn of the attack.

The great artist continued his speech: that the memoir writer Baruch Nadel claimed that he remained for 12 years a penetration of the leaders of the Egyptian Air Force, and that he had an intimate relationship with the team, Sidqi Mahmoud, commander of the Air Force and Air Defense, as well as Zakaria Mohieldin, the Prime Minister at the time, and the truth is that everything mentioned Hagayes “has nothing to do with reality.

According to his book, “I dreamed of changing the world,” which was released on January 17, 2019, Halter and his wife arrived at Cairo Airport, where the writer Lotfi El-Khouly and his wife greeted them, and booked a room for them in the Sheraton Hotel on the banks of the Nile, after which he led them to dinner in the house of actor Hussein Fahmy Seddik Al-Sadat. Then, after midnight, Hussein Fahmy was surprised by an official car that stopped in front of the house near the pyramids. So he went out to find out why, so he had to face with President Sadat personally.

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