A lion attacks a child in an American park, and a man saves her with a heroic movement. Know the details


Unique courage, an American man saved the life of a six-year-old girl after he passed on Lion Mountain in time, try to attack the girl who was accompanying a group of adults and children walking in a park in Santa Clara, California, where the mountain lion surprised and attacked the girl, prompting one of the men in the group to rush towards the animal to save the girl.

According to what was reported by CNN, the American man punched the lion’s ribs while the rest of the people made loud noises to frighten the lion. The plan had already succeeded.

Also issued a theme park “Rancho San Antonio County Park” The incident was accompanied by a statement in which he advised the citizens on the best way to act, if they encounter a mountain lion, and the statement said that a person should enlarge his stand and make loud noises if he encounters a mountain lion, while he must avoid turning his back on the predator.

In another situation, a zoo keeper was attacked by a lion while feeding him, spotted by the cameras of visitors who were shocked by the harsh scene. His hand was rattled, according to the Indian “Polymer News” news station.

Berradita had to insert his hands into the cage to place food for the lion, who lives inside with a lioness, while video footage showed that the animal was about to devour the guard’s arm.

Berradita remained attached to the cage and his arms between the lion’s tusks for about 40 seconds before he could escape it, amid shouts of terror from gardeners..


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