A man drowned in the Mississippi River blamed on Google Maps .. I know why


Google Maps is one of the most popular navigational applications all over the world, and millions of people depend on it to determine their destinations while traveling by car or on foot in search of the right place they want so they do not go astray, which saves a lot of time The effort is on them, but now Google Maps has been blamed for the experience of a man who almost died due to a mistake in directing the application to him.

The man, whose name has not been released, tried to walk across the frozen Mississippi River over the weekend, claiming that Google Maps told him it was the fastest route, however, the ice quickly cracked under his feet, and partially drowned in the frozen water, according to the newspaper ” British Mirror.

Fortunately, the Minneapolis Fire Department responded quickly to the man’s calls and helped him escape the river, according to CBS, the man suffered a mild case of hypothermia after the accident.

Although the man claims that Google Maps is responsible for the accident, the Minneapolis Fire Department claims that it is unlikely that the application had ordered him to cross the river, and instead, Google Maps may have suggested Cross the Stone Arch bridge near the river, according to CBS.

As Mirror Online contacted Google to comment, the British newspaper report said, “If you find any errors on Google Maps, such as an incorrect road, missing road, or incorrect road names, there is an easy way to report them, by doing the following: On your computer, open “Google Maps” .. and make sure you log in, in the upper left, click the menu, then send comments, and in the popup window, choose the comments you want to submit, follow the instructions, then click send”.

It is noteworthy that several days ago, a German man had caused a false traffic jam on Google Maps, after he wandered the streets of Berlin with a handcart, with 99 mobile phones, all connected to the Internet.

The man named Simon Wickert brought 99 smartphones, and all of them called Google Maps, then put them in a toy cart, and wandered the roads, which made the famous application show its users a fake traffic jam in the streets it passes through.

And published “Daily Mail” – then – a video of the German man’s trick, in which he appeared while pulling the smartphone cart, which made the color of the roads on Google Maps change from green to red, which means there is traffic jam.

The man’s trick succeeded, as the streets where he walks became completely empty of cars, while Google Maps users were shown in red as evidence of traffic jams, which made cars avoid entering them.

And the German man relied in his trick on the idea of ​​the work of the Google Maps application, because the application obtains traffic congestion information through the connection of passers-by with the Internet, so the application was receiving information from 99 phones with the man, and therefore the application recorded the presence of 99 cars that could not move in the street.


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