A new decision by Mortada Mansour regarding the announcement of Zamalek’s position on the African Super


The club’s board of directors, headed by Counselor Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors, decided to postpone the press conference that was scheduled to be held tomorrow, Monday, to be held the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, at eleven in the morning at the club’s headquarters.

The club’s board of directors will hold a meeting at ten in the morning, Tuesday, due to the presence of Ahmed Jalal, the club’s vice president, with the team’s mission in Angola. The press conference will take place after the council’s meeting.

Mourtada Mansour decided to hold the conference to announce the team’s position regarding the African Super match against Esperance in Qatar on February 12th.

Murtada Mansour had previously confirmed his refusal to play the match in Qatar in order to ensure the safety of the mission and the players.


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