A new injury to Dembele expels him until the end of the season!


Injuries hit the Barcelona star again ..

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February 04, 2020

Club announced Barcelona In an official statement on the internet about the renewed injury of French player Othman Dembele.

The statement said that the 22-year-old suffered a complete rupture of the biceps muscle in his right thigh.

Yesterday, Dembele suffered a setback in training at Joan Gamper, coinciding with his upcoming return to action and the signing of the first official post since November 23.

The club said in an official statement that the player “felt discomfort in the right thigh as a result of muscle fatigue”.

However, with medical examinations, he was found to have suffered a complete rupture of the biceps muscle, and not just muscle strain.

From this standpoint, the player’s season may end if he undergoes surgery, according to a statement from the “Mondo Deportivo” daily.

This is the same injury that hit the player in the Borussia Dortmund match on November 27th, and doctors estimated his absence 10 weeks ago.

With his return to engagement close, he was injured again as coach Kiki Cittin, who had just lost Luis Suarez to the end of the season, was again attacked.

In 2017 Dembele was injured in the same area but with his left thigh, and after that he missed 4 months.

Barcelona only have 3 offensive options until the end of the season, namely Messi, Griezmann and little Fati.

This news comes 4 days after the closing of the winter transfer market, which witnessed the sale of Carles Perez to Italian Rome.

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