A new rise in the price of the dollar in Sudan today, Tuesday 18/2/2020, and foreign exchange rates on the black market


We follow with you, dear US dollar prices in Sudan, in follow-up through our homeland guide, where we publish to you the latest updates of foreign currency prices on the black market and Sudanese banks from the financial markets and according to market indicators, and the dollar exchange rate has recorded a slight decrease in the past days, except It was not until he started to rise again, as he recorded 104 pounds for buying this morning and 105.50 pounds for sale.

Dollar prices in Sudan today, Tuesday, February 18

The concerns of traders in the foreign exchange markets in the Sudanese black market have raised the decline in the demand for buying and selling the green currency, which may lead to higher foreign exchange rates in Sudan, especially after the dollar fell slightly in the previous two days, while they called on the government to make some improvements that might help On the stability of parallel currency markets, especially in light of the economic turmoil in the country.

Foreign exchange rates against the Sudanese pound on the black market

the currencyexchange rate
U.S. dollar105.5 pounds
Saudi riyal27.50 pounds
The UAE dirham28.49 pounds
The official dollar price51.75 pounds
euro112 pounds
Sterling pound134 pounds
Qatari riyal27.40 pounds
Egyptian Pound6.62 pounds


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