A new update to Google Chrome alerts users when their accounts are compromised


Google has introduced a new feature for its Chrome browser users, which alerts users when their accounts are compromised, a feature that users began to notice since last December, as a pop-up window appears telling them that one of their accounts has been compromised, as Chrome will allow users to know what If any of the sites they log in are hacked with their Google credentials.


According to the British Mirror website, since data breaches and breakthroughs occur every two weeks at the present time, this method is very useful in protecting users’ data, and the Google security team said: “When Google detects a user name and password that is subject to a data breach of the company’s website Other, we store an encrypted and protected copy of data on our servers using a secret key known only to Google.

The team added: “When logging into a website, Chrome will send a hashed copy of your username and password encrypted with a secret key known only to Chrome, and no one, including Google, is able to derive your username or password from this The encrypted version, and if hacked, Chrome tells you that, we strongly encourage you to change your password, and if you are hacked, you will see a popup that looks like this:

“Clicking on the message will take you to the list of websites you use to log in to Google that may have been compromised. Unfortunately, there is no way to collect passwords for these sites collectively – you need to do each separately.”



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