A Saudi plane evacuates students from Wuhan and arrives in Riyadh


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

A Saudi plane arrives Sunday in the capital Riyadh, carrying 10 students, who were evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the stronghold of the Corona virus.

In the details, after Saudi Arabian Airlines announced, on Sunday, the suspension of flights to the Chinese city of “Guangzhou”, noting that the implementation of the decision starts from this evening, the information stated that Saudi plane evacuated studentsFrom the Chinese city of Wuhan, and that the flight reached Riyadh.

Also on Sunday, Saudi official television, quoting a Saudi diplomat, said that the Kingdom evacuated 10 Saudi students from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the new Corona virus.

The TV reported that the Chinese authorities agreed to the special flight, which brought the students back to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian Airlines had suspended its flights to and from the Chinese “Guangzhou” due to the Corona virus.

No injuries in the Kingdom

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, had renewed since the days of not recording any positive cases of infection with the new Corona virus in the Kingdom.

“No positive cases of the new Corona virus have been recorded in the kingdom so far,” the Saudi health minister said on Twitter. “We have increased the readiness to deal with any situation that is quickly discovered,” he added.

In turn, Al-Rabiah thanked all government agencies that interacted quickly to raise levels of readiness and integration, and to provide travelers and trips information and activate preventive measures in the land, air and sea ports to protect our country from this virus.

The Minister of Health urged all citizens and residents to follow the health advice issued by the Ministry of Health, as well as alerts from the National Center for Disease Prevention and trusted official bodies, and not to heed the rumors.

Prevention measures

In turn, the Saudi Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control, identified a number of strict precautionary and preventive measures to prevent the arrival of the new Corona virus in Saudi Arabia after its spread in China, in a guide that was circulated to health facilities.

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These measures included activating respiratory screening stations at the entrances and facilities of health care facilities, to ensure early detection of those with acute respiratory disease, and the application of contact and spray precautions when dealing with any “suspected or confirmed” case.

The Ministry of Health also obligated health outlets at entry points to visually screen travelers arriving “directly or indirectly” from China, and to refer suspects immediately to the Public Health Department in the region or its province of entry to take necessary measures.

In addition, the Ministry of Health defined the “suspected case” as every person with severe respiratory disease, and recorded the date of his travel to China in 14 days before the onset of symptoms, and who has close contact during the past 14 days with a confirmed case during his travel.

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