A serious development in the case of the murder of Villa Nancy Ajram


In a new development that might change the course of the investigation, the lawyer, Rehab Bitar, the deputy of the family of Mohamed Al-Mousa, the murder of the artist Nancy Ajram, announced that she had applied to form a committee of forensic doctors to restore the medical expertise of the body, and Judge Mansour agreed to appoint her.

Rehab Bitar wrote in a post on his official website, Facebook, just now, “We submitted a request to form a committee of forensic doctors to restore medical expertise, and Judge Mansour agreed to appoint her … This will also accompany the forensic doctors, a Syrian forensic doctor, while examining the corpse.”

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The Syrian lawyer, Rehab Bitar, a volunteer in the defense team for the family of the dead Muhammad al-Musa, revealed a few days ago that the dead body had not yet been buried, and is still in the hospital refrigerator in Beirut.

Day after day, investigations into the case of storming the villa of Nancy Ajram and her husband, Dr. Fadi Hashem, accused of killing the Syrian youth, Mohammed Al-Mousa, show new details, the latest of which was disclosed by the Lebanese LBCI channel website, and the website published information, according to relevant authorities who viewed the dead phone and members of the Al-Hashem family. , Including conducting a search on the search engine “Google” about the personality of Nancy Ajram, her husband, her place of residence and the details of her home.


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