A serious surprise .. Corona virus is transmitted to humans through the digestive system


A Chinese research team uncovered a “shocking” surprise, about the spread of new Corona virus infection and how it could be transmitted to humans.

The Chinese “Xinhua” agency published a report on the scientists’ discovery of ways to spread the new “Corona” virus infection.

Scientists have discovered that the new Corona virus is not only transmitted by droplets caused by “sneezing” or “coughing”, but also by “digestive system”.

The research team indicated that they had discovered that the virus was spread more through the “untreated” stool residue in a specific way.

Therefore, the research team warned that sanitation systems should deal with that crisis differently, with regard to the treatment of human waste, so that the system does not become a means of transmitting infection, not controlling it.

The experts also pointed out that those infected with the Corona virus who were unable to get rid of their droppings directly or wash their hands after eliminating their need in a sterile chemical way, could be the cause of spreading the infection if they communicate with any person who is not infected.

The researchers found that the nucleic acid of the Coronavirus is in stool and rectal swabs in patients.

They also noted that the initial symptoms of a large number of Corona patients was only “diarrhea”, rather than fever, and they pointed out that this was the most common occurrence in the center of the spread of the virus in “Wuhan”, which contributed to its spread much more.

The Chinese agency pointed out that the recent results are the result of a joint research conducted by experts from the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University and the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the largest research authority in the natural sciences in China.

The research team believes that the chances of transmission of the new “Corona” virus infection through “fecal excrement” is much greater than the spread of infection by droplets caused by sneezing or coughing.

And China announced today, Sunday, the number of deaths of the new “Corona” virus to 304 people, while the number of confirmed infections rose to 14,380 cases.

According to the Central Television of China, quoting the National Health Committee, the number of deaths inside the country reached 304 by the end of Saturday, an increase of 45 cases over the previous day.

All new deaths were recorded in Hubei, the epicenter of the virus.

The number of confirmed cases of the virus throughout China on Saturday reached 2590 people, recording the total number of 14,380 cases so far.

It was reported that this deadly virus, which appeared in Wuhan, in the central part of China, transmitted in less than 3 weeks to dozens of countries.

Last Thursday, the World Health Organization classified the emerging coronavirus, which appeared in China, as a pandemic, and declared a “health emergency with an international dimension.”

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