A source at Al-Ahly by Leela Koura: Difficulty joining Ramadan in the Sundowns match


A source in Al-Ahly club confirmed that it was difficult to catch up with Ramadan Sobhi, the team’s playmaker, to catch the South African Sundowns match in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

The source indicated in special statements to “Yalla Koura” that Ramadan Sobhi is still technically not ready to participate in the first leg, while his position on the return match has not been resolved.

Al-Ahly will host the Sundowns team next Saturday, at the Cairo Stadium, one week before the return match in South Africa.

The technical staff of Al-Ahly announced earlier that Ramadan was ready to participate in the summit match against Zamalek on Monday, but the decision to participate in the hands of Swiss coach Rene Vyler, the team.

He accompanied Fyler, the team player on the Emirates flight, for the super game, but he did not enter the final list of the match.

Ramadan, mid-December, suffered a rupture of the posterior muscle during Al-Ahly’s exercise, so Al-Ahly announced his absence for a period of up to two months.


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