A strongly worded statement from “Iftaa” in defense of Majdi Yaqoub (full text)


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Dar Al Iftaa praised Dr. Majdi Yaqoub, describing him as the owner of happiness, and said that the knowledge, knowledge and experience he acquired stunned the world; it was the result of arduous and arduous efforts that he put all of them harnessed in the service of his country and people, and he never looked at the religion of the one who treats and saves from death, but rather With an eye of compassion, mercy, and humanity that filled his heart.

The fatwa, through its official page on the social networking site «Facebook»: «We are used to rioters through social media sites from time to time, that someone comes out to us with a rude statement, a descending song or words aimed at him to arouse the attention of the masses, increase the number of followers and harvest The largest amount of lakes that quickly turn into funds and balances enrich their owners at the expense of the degradation of public taste and morals. ”

He continued: «It is natural for the Egyptians, with the pure nature that God has loved them, that they turn to God with healing, mercy and heaven for Dr. Majdi Yaqoub, the owner of happiness, because in the hearts of the Egyptians he deserves all the best; and Paradise is the greatest good that a person can obtain .. This is an innate supplication far from sophistry and controversy Sectarian intrigue, from the heart to the Lord, puts this person in the highest position he deserves. ”

And the Fatwa concluded by saying: “People of strife, rioters, lovers of appearance, and Lake and Shir collectors enter the line; without anyone asking them to talk about the discord of fitna about the fate of Dr. Majdi Yaqoub, as if God Almighty and all of them have the destinies of his creation and gave them the right to bring this to heaven and that to hell ?!”

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