A sudden decision by the court in the case of Ahmed Ezz and his sister Zina


The El Alamein Misdemeanor Court in the Borg El Arab Court in Alexandria decided for the second time to postpone the case of the fight of the artist Ahmed Ezz and the sister of the artist Zina at a hotel in the North Coast, until the next March 31, to rule.

After the court and the defense team watched the video footage at the El Alamein Hotel, and the audio recording was heard yesterday (Tuesday), in the presence of the defense team for the two parties, where Ashraf Abdel Aziz, the lawyer, rejected the artist Ahmed Ezz in his defense with the apparent contradiction that is difficult to harmonize and reconcile the contradictory person who was injured and the prosecutor insulted her. In the police report, on her account of the incident in the public prosecutor’s investigations confirming the fabrication of the accusation against the person accused. And the accusation, fabrication and impossibility of the crime, as evidenced in the papers and the absence of the pillars of the two crimes. He also argued the contradiction between the legal evidence and the testimony of witnesses, and the cursed and false technical evidence. This requires that the technical evidence (the medical report attached to the papers) be null and void in order to fabricate it and contradict the reality and reality of hard, defamation and revenge. In addition to the contradictions of the statements of the witnesses and the statements of the victim, with the statements of the officer who conducted investigations in the words of insults, it is an incompatible contradiction, and one of them assumes a falsehood, stressing the evident deficiency in the police report by not matching the victim by a female and not mentioning her injuries. Ezz’s lawyer also invalidated the investigations of the detective to her libraries, their lack of seriousness, and the contradictions of the investigation conducted with Nisreen Reda Ismail.

He demanded the rejection of the civil lawsuit to choose its elements and conditions together, with evidence of the accusation of the accused of insulting the victim and insulting him on the face according to the surveillance cameras, as well as insulting him and her brother according to the audio recording attached to the papers and what the victim’s witnesses confirmed with evidence of the hotel’s surveillance cameras that it emptied and the Public Prosecution.

For his part, Assem Kandil, the lawyer, confirmed the cassation from my brother Zina, as he stressed the unreasonable perception of the incident in addition to the contradiction between the witnesses and the palaces in the record of gathering evidence, with the inadmissibility of submitting the complainant against her, which requires the nullity and lack of seriousness of the investigations of the detective.


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