Aal Hirami exposes me … a father tortures his son for two hours to death in Giza


He ended his son’s life worker in Giza after the son stole it and his relatives, and caused him a scandal among the people, so the father decided to discipline him by beating until he uttered his last breath, arrested the accused father and notified the prosecution for investigation.

Giza security services received a report stating the death of a child at the hands of his working father after a two-hour torture link, and Major General Tariq Marzouq, First Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Giza Security Sector, ordered investigations into the incident and revealed the circumstances.

The investigations of Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Giza Investigation, revealed that the father had beaten his son with sticks, because he committed the facts of thefts from him and a number of his relatives.

The investigations and investigations carried out under the supervision of Major General Assem Abu Al-Khair, Director of Criminal Investigation in Giza, headed by Colonel Alaa Fathi, head of the Investigation Department of the West Giza sector, added that the child was 13 years old, and that his father had been disciplining him and pronounced his last breath while being beaten.

The suspect was detained, a report of the incident was issued, and the prosecutor, who initiated the investigation, was notified The prosecution ordered the autopsy of the child victim, and the accused imprisoned his father for 4 days pending investigations.

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