Abbas Abu Al-Hassan tells the details of Muhammad Ramadan’s detention … and how he saved him


07:35 PM

Monday 24 February 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Abbas Abul-Hassan, on the line of the artists crisis, Muhammad Ramadan and Basem Samra, attacked the latter, as he said: “In the name of his messengers, but he forgot his thinking.”

And through his account on “Facebook”, “Abu Al-Hassan” recounted the details of a fight that took place during the filming of one of the series, as he said: “He is his messenger completely, but in the name of Nassi, he thinks when he struck a family that I wanted to imagine with him while filming a series in Nazlet Al-Samman” With his shadow of 5 years ago, Ibn Ayla looked very big in Nazla, and they were fond of 4 Arab women from photography. ”

He added: “And they locked them, and in the name of Samra, he is the only one who can break their families with his relationships and his name, and that the ghost on the screen is a need, and in fact it is another sincere need.”

The crisis escalated between Muhammad Ramadan and Bassem Samra, against the backdrop of the latter pushing him while they were at one of the wedding parties. Ramadan said that Bassem Samra was not in his awareness when he pushed him on the occasion, adding, “If he had been in his consciousness, I would have handed him over to the hands of the North.”

For his part, Samra replied, saying, “I am a makdarsh, to whom I am Ibn Nass,” noting that he invites him to a 10-minute short feature film with a joint tournament to discuss it in acting.

He added: “Muhammad Ramadan, the Devil, is driving him, and he does not know what a fool he is saying. What do you wake up, my son, to yourself … You say no. And if I am a hurricane … But you don’t know on TV saying I am not a little family.”

Abbas Abu Al Hassan reveals the details of the Muhammad Ramadan quarrel


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