Abdel-Hamid Bassiouni reveals the reasons for Al-Tale’as defeat 3-3 against Al-Ahly in the league


Abdel-Hamid Bassiouni, the coach of the first football team in the Talai Al-Jaish Club, spoke about the Al-Ahly match, which ended just before the victory of the Red Genie with three clean, in The meeting, which was held at the Cairo International Stadium Stadium, in the framework of the 17th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Bassiouni said in statements to the press conference after the meeting: “The keys to playing Al-Ahly are many, and we tried to play on it. The first half, things were going well, but things got more difficult in the second half.”

He added: “I tried to close the spaces on Geraldo with Ahmed Sami, and his injury affected the team, and pushed Mohamed Shehata deep into the stadium and Al-Ahly had the advantage in shooting.”

He continued: I am not satisfied with the offensive performance, the players did not follow the instructions, in order to face Al-Ahly, I have to use the parties in a good way, but the players did not implement the instructions in the offensive part, we were fiercely like we were in front of FC Egypt.

He continued: “I gave freedom to Muhannad, Samir and Amr Jamal, but the implementation was not optimized, Amr Jamal got out due to my art and it was him Preference To participate on the account of Nasser Mansi. “

He concluded: “The absence of Ammar Hamdi is very influential. I respect the contracts with Al-Ahly and Zamalek, but the player is very important in my team.”


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