Abu El-Ela: “Whenever someone pulls out on the street, we say,” Be a man and complete. “


Mohamed Abu El-Ella, a player from Zamalek and the former Egyptian team, criticized the decision to withdraw the white team from facing Al-Ahly in the match that was scheduled to be held on Monday at Cairo International Stadium, within the delay of the fourth round of the life of the Premier League competition.

Abul-Ela said during his remarks on the “On Sport” screen: “The issue of withdrawal ended from the world of football a long time ago, and what happened in the League match match is not appropriate in the name of Egypt, and when we used to play in the street alone, he likes to withdraw by telling him,” Be a man, complete. ” .

Football officials had revealed that, according to what happened, no team was present Zamalek To Cairo stadium to face Al-Ahly in the league, the white team is considered withdrawing from the match.

The Jabaliya officials continued that they contacted the security forces to find out the fact that the white team’s bus was difficult to reach the Cairo Stadium and that there was nothing to prevent the bus from reaching the Cairo Stadium, as evidenced by the arrival of the Al Ahly bus and the referees to the stadium. .

Al-Jabaliyya officials added that Zamalek is considered withdrawing from the match, and 6 points will be deducted from his balance, along with a fine of 200,000 pounds and the losses of the sponsors and the transport channels from not holding the meeting. .

The Football Association issued a statement in which it affirmed its regret for what happened in the 119th match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek not to attend the Zamalek team, which is an unfortunate position, stressing that the list will be applied to Zamalek for not attending the stadium .

In his statement, the Football Association said that there was complete coordination with security officials about the route of the Zamalek bus to Cairo Stadium, and it was found that there are no obstacles preventing the teams’ buses from reaching the match field.

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, commented on the club’s withdrawal from the Al-Ahly match, explaining that the team did not withdraw from its match against Al-Ahly, saying: “Every need is calculated by paper and pen, and penalties will not be imposed on Zamalek,” adding that the team will not deduct one point from it, And that he had ended a great strife that would have occurred between the two teams if the match was played.


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