Actress Amani Al-Tamimi explains why she requested two million dinars in exchange for “sniffing her armpit” … video


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Kuwaiti actress Amani Al-Tamimi commented on the fact of her controversial video that spread on social media, explaining that the video was a joke with her partner.

Al-Tamimi said in a television interview on the Kuwaiti “atv” channel, that she did not expect the video to spread so quickly and make all this noise, noting that it was not in her own account, despite her admission that this video is a violation of Kuwait’s social customs.

A video of the artist, Amani Al-Tamimi, spread out a conversation with a friend on the social media site, which sparked a wave of criticism saying, “Whoever loves smelling the scent of my armpit will pay two million.”

Al-Tamimi said that she works as a marketer for product advertisements on skin and cosmetics and prescription medications that she was hoping to be Plastic surgeon But conditions did not want.

She asserted that her followers, most of whom are girls, do not buy “lakes” on social media, commenting on the private life between Sarah Al Kandari and her husband, saying that “what they do is personal freedom despite their penetration of these customs and traditions.”


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