After a rumor of his separation from Amy Samir Ghanem … Hassan Al-Raddad takes the lead in the propaganda poster of “My Spiritual Twin” .. Watch


The company that produced the movie “My Spiritual Twin” released the first promotional poster for work. The poster was issued by Hassan Al-Raddad, Amina Khalil, and Aisha bin Ahmed.

The film is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day, next February 14.

“A spiritual twin” movie, which is based on a romantic frame, starring several stars, including Hassan Al-Raddad, Amina Khalil and Aisha bin Ahmed, and it is written by Amani Al-Tunisi and directed by Othman Abu Laban.

It is reported that it was reported recently that Hassan Al-Raddad separated from his wife, Amy Samir Ghanem, and Hassan went out on one of the TV programs and denied the news and said: I am surprised, and thanks to the group, I said: You will respond to the news de Menin, and people think that I will deny the news for fear of envy.

He explained that the public and the followers discover in the end the correctness of his statements and his denial of the news, stressing that the news is all wrong and he has no interest in it.


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