After a whole family is poisoned, when will eating “catfish” be toxic?


05:00 PM

Sunday 23 February 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

A couple and their three children were suffering from food poisoning after eating a caramel meal at home in Al Rahmania Center, Beheira Governorate.

In this regard, we explain to you the types of catfish and its harmful effects on health, according to what Dr. Karim Jamal, nutritionist and obesity specialist said in his statement to Masrawy, and Dr. Sherine Ali Zaki, Chairman of the Food Safety and Field Follow-up Committee of the General Union of Veterinarians, on her awareness group. The bite. “

where does he live

Catfish or catfish or CAT FISH are freshwater fish that live only on the bottom, often in canals and drains, and although they do not live in freshwater they feed on anything from litter.

Catfish are found anywhere, meaning that they have no specific habitat in Egypt (the Nile, canals, canals, canals for irrigation, and drains of all kinds).

Its types:

Catfish are abundant in water that contains wastewater for two reasons. The first is the scarcity of fishing from this water, because it is dirty, so you see catfish in it in abundance and in large sizes, and also the availability of food (sanitation), as this type of fish can It feeds on anything in any water.


The two doctors cautioned against eating catfish that live in wastewater and all kinds of expenses, because their bodies contain high quantities of microbes and bacteria, as well as the possibility of containing heavy metals such as lead or mercury if they live in water that has industrial wastes specific to the factories.

They are advised to eat catfish that live in running water and the Nile water is valid, because this species is suitable for consumption and safe for health.

The harmful effects of eating catfish and drains:

Transfer of bacteria to the human body because this type of fish contains a high percentage of bacteria.

The toxin in catfish meat is very high and remains even after cleaning, which can lead to food poisoning if a person’s immunity is weak.

Contains high levels of mercury and lead, which can cause food poisoning immediately after ingestion and is considered one of the most dangerous types of poisoning.

For children, it can cause mental illnesses in children, such as “mental retardation”, and stop their cognitive development.

Vomiting, headache.

How do you distinguish between fish catfish and running water catfish?

It must be bought from a trusted merchant, or a fisherman we know personally hunted from the Nile.

Avoid completely catfish from large size, as they eat meat and derive from frogs or rodents, especially if they live in drains, but small sized catfish often feed on plants.

– Choose light-colored catfish with pink flippers, and stay away from dark blacks, because they are often bred in drains, and the darker their color, the more impression they are raised in healthy drains or dirty water.

The belly of the catfish should be very white, and refrain from purchasing the gray or brown belly catfish.

– Clean the fish well and dispense with its guts and head, cut it into medium pieces and then cook it well in the heart or in the oven, so that we can guarantee that there are no live parasites in it.


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