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9 members of one family were infected with the fatal Corona virus after eating a meal together, without realizing that two of them were infected with the virus, in Hong Kong.

Health officials in the city announced the infection of 10 new cases of coronavirus, including a family of 9 individuals; after eating a family meal together, so officials warn against eating group meals and eating liquids in a common time.

This brings the number of coronavirus infection to more than 40,600 cases worldwide, while the number of deaths reached nearly one thousand people, and the number of infection cases in Hong Kong has reached 36 cases so far.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the family was infected when two of its members returned from a city China The other, and when the family met for dinner, the symptoms of the disease were not clearly visible, but after eating the meal, many of them began to show clear signs of the disease.

By Sunday, a 22-year-old man in the family and grandmother had been infected with the Corona virus, and on the same night, 7 others attending the dinner party were diagnosed.

According to medical examinations, the infection infected two guests, parents, 3 children and two relatives of the family, and upon returning to the mainland of China at the end of the month, one of the infected family members had started spreading the virus, before it was detected and quarantined.

“We are facing great difficulties in isolating suspected cases, and we are tracking down those individuals who have been in direct contact with patients with certainty,” said Dr. Shuang Shokkuan, an infectious disease expert in China.

And a recent study showed that, like most respiratory viruses, the coronavirus is transmissible by sneezing and dropping saliva, and in the event of severe symptoms on the person, it must be kept healthy for two weeks.

And one of the researches stated that the corona virus, currently known as “2019-nCoV”, can spread through the use of public seats and a toilet.

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