After her son was killed by a stray bullet … the first comment of the Egyptian anchor


Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

A major shock for the Egyptian anchor, Marwa Mimi, with the killing of her son Karim With a stray bullet from his colleague Two days ago in the Zamalek region in Cairo.

Karim went to his colleague’s house and was accompanied by a third friend. However, during their banter, one of them went to bring the father’s pistol and a stray bullet came out from him that settled in Karim’s head, killing him instantly.

After two days of investigations and shock received by the Egyptian broadcaster, “An-Nahar”, she commented for the first time on what happened through her account on “Facebook”, where she published a picture of her child and commented on her saying “I want the right of my son .. stand with me.” She went on to retrieve what happened, saying, “On the day of his vacation, he was playing with his PlayStation owners at his owner’s house … Do they work for him like this? .. They die?” Stand with me, my heart … My heart is broken. ”

After completing the funeral, the Egyptian media published several photos documenting the keenness of a large number of friends to place the image of her son at the Kaaba, commenting on her saying, “My darling, my son … Our Lord loves you in his creation, as you were good and you love all people, craving.”

And she continued saying, “I am confident about you, after what I saw yesterday, the first time I see this consolation … And the number of people who tour you, my son … I see you in Paradise, groom of Paradise.”

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